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This New T-Shirt Gives You X-Ray Vision Inside Your Own Body

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If we said there’s a T-shirt which gives you X-ray vision, you’d probably snort at us in disbelief.

But, friends, thanks to the wonder of science, this T-shirt will let you see INSIDE your own body.

And it’s just £25.

Thanks to manufacturers Curiscope, the Virtuali-Tee Augmented Reality T-Shirt is a magic lens into another world – the one under your skin!.

Check it out.

So how does it work? 

Curiscope explain that you don the shirt and then view it through the free Virtuali-Tee app on your phone or tablet to unlock the portal into the body.

“Jump into the pumping heart of an anatomical adventure that brings learning to life using augmented reality technology. Or pop your phone into a pair of virtual reality goggles and immerse yourself entirely in this new kind of anatomical adventure.”

Would you have the guts for this?

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