This Is How Long The Average Modern Relationship Lasts For

Have you made it past this peak time?

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The average 20-something-year-old usually has their fair share of relationships, but do you know just how long the average one lasts for?

Avert your eyes if things are going nice and rosy in your love life, 'cos if the latest survey is anything to go by, you miiiiiiiiiight not have long left.

The average relationship lasts 4.2 years. So you just gotta make it past then and you're safe, right? We hope...

Apparently having a successful romantic relationship is down to how many friends you had growing up.

"Those who've had negative experiences with their peers growing up – social withdrawal and less peer likeability – often moved into the romantic sphere much later," psychologist Dr Stéphanie Boisvert explained to Vice. "This is a pattern we see repeated throughout adult life. They will have difficulty finding, and maintaining, sexual partners".

Nice. Or not nice, depending on how loved up you are right now.

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