The Scariest TV Show Of Your Childhood Is Coming Back To Manchester

Ghostwatch is here for Halloween

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Anyone who watched the BBC Halloween special Ghostwatch in 1992 will remember it well.

Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene and a poltergeist called 'Pipes' who made a little girl speak in demonic tongues.

It was enough to rob Lovin Manchester of sleep for many youthful years.

And now the spectre of the fearsome broadcast coming back to Manchester for a one-off anniversary event.

It's all thanks to Pilot Light TV Festival.

They recall: "On October 31st 1992, at 9.25pm, a BBC television show aired that shocked and mentally scarred millions of viewers for life."

The first BBC broadcast of the show lead to 30,000 calls to be logged within 1 hour, and the show being banned for around a decade and sleepless nights across the country.

"For the show's 25th Anniversary, Pilot Light TV Festival will be paying homage to the controversial show by screening the entire first episode and inviting key creators and cast members to discuss their work on the show, the traumatic impact it had across the country and its place in television history."

Joining Pilot Light at this very special event for a Q&A will be creator Stephen Volk, director Lesley Manning, and the writer/director of Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains, Rich Lawden. 

It's on October 30 at Gorilla and is £15 for tickets from tomorrow morning at 9am here. Needless to say, it's an 18 plus event...

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