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Ryanair’s Been Fined A Whopping £2.6 Million Over ‘Misleading’ Luggage Policy

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Airline giant Ryanair has been hit with a whopper £2.6 million fine over its cabin baggage policy – which states that passengers can only bring a small personal bag on board unless they pay extra – introduced in November last year.

The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) issued a fine of €3 million to the low-cost airline, with Wizz Air also being fined €1 million. The AGCM asked both airlines to suspend their new policies last autumn but they have since remained in place and an investigation was opened in both cases.

Anyone who tries to bring a carry-on suitcase has to pay £25 to have it put into the hold once they get to their gate.

A statement from AGCM read, ‘Hand baggage is an essential element of the air transport service and its transport must be permitted without incurring any additional costs.

‘In fact, also on the basis of the European legislation on air transport, the foreseeable and unavoidable supplements must be included in the price of the basic service presented since the first contact and, therefore, can not be separated from this with the request for further sums.

‘Hence the deception for consumers, as the price to be paid at the end of the booking process will almost always be higher than the tariff presented at the beginning of the process.’

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