Plan Where To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight In Manchester

You're in for a show...

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The annual Perseid meteor shower's peaking tonight and you should b able to see it over Manchester - clouds permitting.

The shooting stars, which are estimated to be about same size as a piece of a sand, are thought to travel at about 37 miles a second during the meteor shower that will be clearly visible across the globe.

Some UK spots may have seen a little last night (Friday), and it might be possible tomorrow night (Sunday) - but Saturday is the big day for it.

A meteor shower’s activity is measured in its zenithal hourly rate (ZHR).

At its peak on August 12-13, the Perseid shower will boast a huge ZHR of 80-100 meteors per hour. 

Find yourself a dark place away from city lights well after sunset - so around 11pm onwards, but well before sunrise.

Let us know if you manage to catch a glimpse.

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