Piers Morgan Blames His Neighbour's Cat For England's Defeat Last Night

Damn cat...

Piers Morgan This Morning

I woke up this morning and the skies were dark, the office felt like it was 'in mourning' and everyone is now bankrupt.

These are the 'feels' after Englands defeat in The World Cup semi-finals against Croatia.

But despite the nation losing, there has been a huge amount of positivity around Gareth Southgate and his young team.

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There's been plenty of chat as to why we lost the game, some say the team did their best, others say the ref was one-sided but journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan seems to think he knows why we lost that night...

Morgan has actually blamed his neighbours cat for our downfall.

Piers blamed the 2-1 defeat on his neighbours saying that the 'lucky cat' actually watched all of the previous England games in the build up to the semi-finals - but the night of the big day he was nowhere to be seen.

Turns out, his neighbours were French and had moved out the day before, with Piers claiming they took the cat because they knew what it meant to us.

I mean, you never know right!?

The Good Morning breakfast show presenter has also had a good say in last nights game, saying that the team 'are not heroes' and has taken to his Twitter account (as always) to express his views.

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