PICS: This Guy's Manchester Doodle Maps Are Amazing

Such incredible detail...

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For most of us, doodling is done in the back of a boring university lecture as we absent-mindedly scribble on the back of their notebook while the monotonous tones of an old professor go in one ear and out the other. 

Not so Dave Draws.The talented artist has literally turned doodling into an art form by depicting some of Manchester's better known areas in the form of maps. 

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Dave told us:

"I have always doodled and before I moved to Manchester I lived in Berlin for a short while. Whilst out there I exhibited at a gallery called the Pop Up gallery. I got told one of my more abstract pieces looked like a city from above. That gave me the idea to draw maps of cities, I drew Manchester, it was really popular and it went from there really!"

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Dave went on to say that doodling comes naturally to him and it doesn't take much planning for it all to come together:

"The style I draw in is the style I have always doodled in so there is nothing forced about it it is just what I do. The maps are a very rewarding process to work through, you start off having no idea where anything goes then gradually it all comes together."

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So what inspires Dave and his work? 

I don't have one particular inspiration as such but any artist who draws in an intricate fantastical way tends to get my attention."

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"All my doodle maps and prints are available to buy from my online shop - They are also available to buy at SWALK Creative Presents at Afflecks Palace on the third floor."

There are loads of cool things on Dave Draws' Twitter page including mugs featuring his doodle maps which look to us like the ideal Christmas gift. 

You can also find Dave Draws on Instagram here. 

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