PICS: Police Shame Drug Dealers On TV Screens At Piccadilly Gardens

Justice being served...


Operation Mandera, a Greater Manchester Police initiative to clamp down on drug dealing around Piccadilly Gardens is in full swing and these pictures prove that the force are leaving no stone unturned with their attempts to rid the streets of those who thrive on making a misery of other people's lives.


The alternating images, appearing on the back of an advertising truck, contained pictures of convicted drug dealers' faces as well as their names and circumstances behind their convictions. 


So far, 44 offenders have been jailed as a result of the operation with a combined jail time of 91 years. 


Operation Mandera began in 2013 and Greater Manchester Police are clearly keen to inform the public of the success of their efforts.


Well done GMP, and indeed all members of the public who have played their part bringing these men to justice. 

People shouldn't have to feel afraid when wandering through Piccadilly Gardens so the more of these types of people we can get behind bars the better. 

Criminal activity affects all of us so for all our sakes keep your eyes peeled for any kind of dodgy behaviour and be sure to get in touch with the police if you see something you find suspicious. 

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