PICS: Art Battle Kicked Off In Manchester Last Night - And It Was Explosive!


Art Battle In Pictures

Fire-breathers, artistic masterpieces, mulled cider and a fire truck with street attitude...

What more could you ask for on a Friday evening?

Halloween came early in Manchester last night - and Jay Sharples and 'The Hammo' were there to vamp up the venue's fire truck-come-mascot with true street style.

Fire Engine Happy Halloween
Bus Painter

The 8th Art Battle this city has seen 

It took place in London Road Fire Station last night, and the vibe was absolutely incredible.

Fire Station

A vast stunner of a space

Fearless artists took to the easels - battling against the clock (and eachother) for the chance to win the revered golden paintbrush and be crowned Art Battle champion.

Blue Room
Cover Maybs
Ice Cream
Grey Guy
Grey Paint

"Art for the people, by the people"

Three intense rounds were watched by an eagle-eyed partizan crowd who were almost as colourful as the artists themselves...and everyone seemed to play their part in bringing the old fire station back to life.

Guy And Glitter Painting
Final Works

Courageous folk. Massive adrenaline rush

Since Art Battle began back in 2013, over 80 artists have showcased their talent to the crowds. I've got to say it must take some real balls to create a masterpiece with everyone watching you - and under immense time pressure (30 minutes is all they get to prove their worth to the rowdy masses.)

Among artists who took the plunge last night were Diana Terry, Mr Marcus Salmon, Craig Measures, Scarlet, Rebecca Coughlan, Secret Society Tattoo, Mr Terry Foulkes, Janet Belk and Dano Vojtek.

Glitter Edgy Angle
Green Red Lady

Rounds were broken up by scores of entertainment for the lively crowd, firebreathers set the place alight as pizza vendors spun out freshly baked doughy carbs to soak up the mulled cider - the whole thing feel like Christmas had come early.


Needless to say, the atmosphere was on fire and the love and support shown for the artists was, I have to say, pretty humbling.

Candle Painter
Candle Zoom
Winner Colourful
Winner Final

The winner was wildcard entry Dano Vojtek with this vibrant piece, created in just half an hour!

Winner Entry

Want to catch the next Art Battle? Hop over to Twitter or check online for the latest events and updates.

All photo credit to Lovin's Richard Crisp.

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