People Have Spotted Something Infuriating In A Manchester Sainsbury's

Have you noticed this?


We all know the people of Manchester have exhibited some questionable behaviour in the past and we're no strangers to petty crime, but Sainsbury's just went a bit too far in its most recent bid to crack down on shoplifting.

Eagle-eyed twitter user, Sue, noticed something a bit off about the new security protocol at a Manchester branch of the store....

Yep, they security tagged the chocolate! And not even just the posh stuff. Every. Single. Bar.

Apparently, whoever's in charge of Sainsbury's security strategy has us all down for cocoa-crazed delinquents without enough change to acquire a pack of roll-back Rollos by legal means. 

Either Mancunians have some serious issues or Sainsbury's needs to get a grip.

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