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People Have Noticed Something “Obscene” About Meghan’s Engagement Dress

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Aw, Hazza and Megs. 

They’ve stolen the nation’s hearts and the engagement photos they released earlier this week were just “couple goals” personified.

Well, not everyone was as moved by their pictorial expressions of love and affection. For some people, they were downright offensive.

Specifically, it was Meghan’s couture dress they had an issue with.

The tulle mesh dress with gold embroidery was made by English designers Ralph & Russo and cost a whopping £56,000.

That’s almost twice the average national wage.

It’s safe to say, some people were less than impressed:

Others, however, came to Meghan’s defense. They say that if Meghan wants to spend £52,000 of her own money on a dress, then that’s her lookout.

We should also point out that, although the dress is estimated to be worth the full 50k, it may have been gifted to her or heavily discounted by the designers.

Still, are we really to expect a future royal to nip down to the T.K Maxx in town for last season’s discounted dresses?

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