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Meet Greater Manchester Police’s Newest Recruits

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These little puppers are Greater Manchester’s newest police dogs.

And just look at them.

Those little faces may not look very responsible at the moment, but in a few years time they will be on the beat with Manchester’s finest officers, keeping us all safe and sound.

They don’t have names yet as the officers that are appointed to them get to choose. But GMP says it’s open to suggestions.

They are just 5 weeks old and are ready to start training in a few weeks time.

GMP’s dog unit is split into 2 factions, general purpose dogs and specialist search dogs.

All General Purpose Dogs are all trained to track for persons/offenders, search open areas and buildings, to search for and find recently discarded items of property and also to detain suspects.

Specialist search dogs are trained to detect firearms and ammunition, cash and drugs of all types, also other dogs are trained specifically to search for explosives.

These dogs are utilised daily within GMP in the fight against serious acquisitive crime to assist bringing offenders to justice. 

Are these the goodest boys in the whole of Manchester?

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