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Here’s The Best Time Of Day To Go For A Poo

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It’s the burning question you’ve always wanted to ask but never
dared: when should I poo? Well, the definitive answer is here at last:
about half an hour after you wake up in the morning.

Speaking to Women’s Health,
gastroenterologist Dr Kenneth Koch explained that the optimal moment to
go is shortly after waking up as it allows you to control your

The number of movements can vary, for some people even once a week can be normal, but the regularity is the important bit here.

The best way to keep those bowel habits running like clockwork by
taking the time in the morning to control your intake of things which
affect those movements, like coffee, fruit, veg and fibre, says
Dr Stephen B Hanauer of the Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health

By improving your regularity and being consistent you’re less likely
to become gassy, bloated, constipated, or even develop irritable bowel

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