Greater Manchester Police From The 1800's Look Drastically Different From Today's Officers

But clearly have the same sense of humour 😎👌

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Greater Manchester Police have released photos of their officers across history, starting with one of the earliest images of policing from the city in the 1840s.

Over 800 photographs were posted to their official Facebook page, looking back at how former teams of GMP officers looked across a number of decades.

And some of them are absolutely brilliant.

GMP recreation room

Image: Greater Manchester Police

This image shows the GMP recreation room in 1910, taken at Mill Street Police Station. It shows officers on their break playing cards, billiards and lifting weights.

Manchester Peelers

Image: Greater Manchester Police

Another photo shows the "Manchester Peelers", named after Bury born Sir Robert Peel. Thought to be the formation of the Manchester Borough Police and the earliest image of policing in the city.

Manchester City Peelers Parade

Image: Greater Manchester Police

This image shows a Manchester City "peelers" parade in the yard of the city's Albert Street Police Staion in the 1850s.

The caption reads: "Early police officers wore top hats and frock coats to allay public fears that the new forces were part of the military."

Detective and Officers

Image: Greater Manchester Police

This photo, taken around 1880, shows uniformed officers and a Detective sitting outside their police station in Newton Heath.

I think we can all agree they're looking a bit different from our GMP officers today...

You can view more images from the GMP archive here or find out more information here.

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