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Every Single Rose, Celebration, Quality Street And Miniature Hero – Ranked From Worst To Best

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Something we can all agree on is that Christmas is about chocolate – the good, the bad and the downright rank.

What we can’t agree upon, however, is which is best and which is
worst. So here, as decided by the Lovin Manchester team following exhaustive
tasting and sampling and judging, is our list,

Better chocoLATE than never…

36. Coffee Escape (Roses)

Let’s be real, are you even surprised?


35. Bounty (Celebrations)

Bounty’s the guy in school who snuck in with the cool kids because he
scored a Spanish girl on holidays last summer in Fuerteventura, but
secretly he knows it’s a lie.


34. Strawberry Dream (Roses)

The artificial taste of strawberry is overpowers everything within a four-mile radius, and the packaging is offensively bright.

More like a nightmare, amirite?


33. Twirl (Miniature Heroes)

It’s almost like Twirls haven’t made their mind up of what they want to be.

Not crumbly enough to be a Flake, but not solid enough to be anything. Poor performance all round.

7059316605 105f727517

32. Snickers (Celebrations)

The ones your dad eats. Leave him at it.


31. Toffee Penny (Quality Street)

Like biting into flavoured cement.

Not worth the dental bills.

4393566284 6a7130b279 B

30. Tangy Orange Creme (Roses)

Tangy? No. Orange? Barely. Creme?

Okay, we’ll give you creme.

Cadbury Roses Tangy Orange Creme

29. Chocolate Toffee Finger (Quality Street)

The only thing it’s good for is stirring your tea when your hands become inevitably too fat to hold a spoon.

… and forming hashtags, apparently.

1483419 269452083211507 1619158037 N

28. Strawberry Delight (Quality Street)

Not as sickly as its Roses’ counterpart, but still needs to seriously pull up its socks in order to compete with the big dogs.

1517585 269453746544674 1752446869 N

27. Eclair (Miniature Heroes)

Could take an eye out with a well angled throw.

7059314955 Ef82457254

26. Coconut Eclair (Quality Street)

The Coconut Eclair is actually an interesting study, for what should
have been a total bloody disaster actually came out relatively alright.
The coconut flavour softened the intensity of the eclair, and the eclair
sturdied up the coconut flimsiness.

Still a bit shite, but 10/10 for effort.


25. Regular Caramel (Roses)

The only thing you can really say about the Regular Caramel is that
there are no surprises lurking, and you won’t all of a sudden be met
with a Brazil nut or the likes.

The vanilla ice cream of the chocolate world.

Rexfeatures 3875788ag

24. Wispa (Miniature Heroes)

Wispa was indeed discontinued in 2003, but relaunched in 2007 due to
outrageous numbers liking the Bebo (yes, Bebo) ‘Bring Back Wispa’ pages.
Since then, it has experienced an unbounded success and we’re not
particularly sure why.

A grand bar of chocolate, yes, but worth all the fuss? We’re not convinced.

1045012 10151519540533111 650536991 N

23. Mars (Celebrations)

What would usually be a contender for a top spot has been brought down a peg for just being too much.

Arguably the most intense chocolate bar on the market, Mars bars are
responsible for 9/10 vomit-inducing incidents over the Christmas period.

*May not be fact.

Shutterstock 253692997

22. Orange Creme (Quality Street)

Tastes like that shite Calpol you used to get when you outgrew the baby stuff.

(Quality) streets away from the Roses alternative, however.

Nestle Quality Street Orange Creme Fruit Cremes Box

21. Country Fudge (Roses)

Good texture, but the wrapper always made you uneasy as it sort of looked like the colour of chocolate vomit.

Cadbury Roses Country Fudge

20. Caramel Swirl (Quality Street)

The only non-brightly coloured one of the pack. This both enticed and scared you. What lay beneath?

Run-of-the-mill caramel sweet that your granny dished out. Good, not great.


19. Twix (Celebrations)

Finally, a sweet with a crunch! The ratio of biscuit-to-caramel was
always way off in the miniature versions, and only left you wanting
more. 6/10.


18. Fudge (Miniature Heroes)

Always seemed a little bit gone off, but in a good way.

7059315901 20a3449c8b

17. Dairy Milk (Miniature Heroes)

While naysayers may suggest that Dairy Milks are as outdated as Pogs,
and as unnecessary as the ironing board outside P Mac’s, these guys are
the taste of our childhood – and for that, we let it stand strong at

A good melt-in-the-mouth consistency, be it a little bit sickly at times.

Also: Dairy Milks are worth keeping around for their fucking bonkers TV ads alone.

3922299484 8f705a79c4

16. Toffee Deluxe (Quality Street)

A strong toffee flavour, without being too sweet. A good strong chew
without being jaw-breaking. One of the original Quality Street

7/10, key.

1450980 253069108183138 1542001615 N

15. Golden Barrel (Roses)

Sweet, creamy milk chocolate mixed with buttery caramel all encased in an inviting wrapper. Incredibly moreish.

Yet, what they make up for in taste and stature, they lack in
squishability factor at the bottom of the box/in your pocket when you
shnake a few and forget about them.

Cadbury Roses Golden Barrel

14. Brazilian Darkness (Roses)

Chocolate for chocolate lovers. Also teaching kids that Brazil is heaps of craic with great exports.

Mmm, geography.

Imag0415 E1348844685699

13. Milky Way (Celebrations)

A gateway chocolate, to ease you gently into eating four tubs and a selection box.


12. Creme Egg Twisted (Miniature Heroes)

Twisted is right. You’ll feel smashed after a few of these guys.

6913236016 3f77a38d0a

11. Hazel Whirl (Roses)

The one you don’t realise you like until you try it. The underdog of the miniature chocolate treat world.

Imag0414 E1348844431110

10. Chocolate Green Triangle (Quality Street)

And what a way to kick off the top 10 – with the nation’s favourite
green triangle shaped food. We hear the hazelnut noisette inside is made
from the fluttering of tiny angels’ wings.

1002472 213815588775157 1217763283 N

9. Milk Choc Block (Quality Street)

Another green chocolate piece fighting for our attention. It’s enough to make anyone patriotic.

Smooth, delicious chocolate that is absolutely banging with a cuppa
tea. And with regards to the name, you get exactly what’s on the tin,
and we like that.

Rexfeatures 3875788ad

8. Dairy Milk Caramel (Miniature Heroes)

The treat you got as a kid when you were being really, really good.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel

7. Orange Chocolate Crunch (Quality Street)

The holy grail of orange flavoured chocolates.

Crunchy and crumbly and lovely and fab.

1451562 256865641136818 1434179354 N

6. Signature Truffle (Roses)

New in from 2013, the Signature Truffle had instant success and is
continuing to dominate the charts ever since. A chocolate for young and
old, no mean feat.

Cadbury Roses Mini Signature Truffle 1 E1424110131926

5. Galaxy (Celebrations)

Everyone’s go-to chocolate bar, thanks to both its insane texture and
Ms Bridget Jones. Smoother than Barry White, and gone in seconds.


4. Hazelnut Caramel (Roses)

Or ‘The Purple One’.

When a chocolate has enough of a reputation to stand on that it has
generated its own nickname, you know it’s legit. Due to the impressive
nut-to-caramel ratio, you can eat six-plus of these bad boys without
wanting to die.

Always a good sign.

Cadbury Roses Hazel In Caramel

3. Vanilla Fudge (Quality Street)

Like Fudge bars, except better. This is how you do melt in the mouth right. The sort of chocolate you imagine God to eat.

Rexfeatures 3875788z 1

2. Galaxy Caramel (Celebrations)

An upgrade from its caramel-less counterpart, the Galaxy Caramel is a
non-stop thrill ride with mouth-watering activities at every
turn. We’re not even exaggerating.

However, it will always be number two in the Celebrations box of life. Number two next to the one and only…

Galaxy Caramel Wrapper

1. Maltesers (Celebrations)

The king of miniature chocolate treats. Always the first gone and
mourned after. The Maltesers sweet did so well that is actually spurred
on the head honchos at Mars to create the Maltesers bar. Just where
would we be without them today?

I don’t even want to think about it.

Crunch for days with the small pieces of honeycomb providing a lovely
juxtaposition to the creamy, delectable chocolate enveloping it all.
Worth the fight it takes to retrieve them on opening.


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