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16 Reasons Why Animals Can Be Complete And Utter Arseholes Too

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We all know humans can be total arseholes sometimes, we’ve all got that friend who’s stolen our last chip or done something which shouts dick so loud that it made us wonder why we even hang around with them in the first place. Turns out, it’s not too rosy in the animal world either.

We’ve gathered a selection of the 16 worst examples, inspired by reddit, of animal debauchery…

1. They’re total boyfriend-stealers…

2. When they’re not after your girlfriend

3. They employ dirty tactics

4. Noone touches their food after a night out…

5. Not on my watch…

6. Sharing is never caring

7. Bosh

8. They take all the glory

9. They’re robbing beggars

10. See what we mean?

11. They rub their victories in your face

12. Get off me

13. I live here now

14. Wayy too slow

15. ‘Stubborn’ doesn’t cut it

16. See all the hard work you just did? Poof!

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