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16 Reasons Why An Animal Companion Is Far Better Than A Human

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1. They’re willing to make total fools of themselves for you

2. They’re willing to fight your corner. Always

3. They’re resourceful

4. And always willing to play ball!

5. Plus – unfailingly affectionate

6. And will always go to new heights for you!

7. They like a good snuggle any time of the day

8. But are venemous with your enemies

9. They’re always up for an impromptu vacation

10. And an up-close selfie!

11. They’re experts in the doe-eyed look

12. And come the weekend, they know how to party!

13. They like sugary treats as much as you, so you have full license to pig out in front of them guilt-free

14. They come to the rescue when cooking disasters strike!

15. Their bitch slap is da bomb

16. They’re always happy to see you – even if you last hung out all of five minutes ago

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