10 Of The 'Coolest' Snowmen Spotted Around Manchester This Week

Mancs were making the most of the 'Beast from the East'


The Beast from the East has finally left us alone and the snow melted pretty fast, but we sure made the most of the white stuff while it lasted. 

Here are 11 of the best snowmen, snowanimals and snowthings spotted around Manchester in the past few days.

1. This upside-down fella 

2. This musical masterpiece

3. This political statement

4. The most 'Manc' snowman around

5. This innovative use of advertising 

6. This snow ghost

7. This 'flat pack' snowman

8. "When I said I was stuck in a hospital bed & sad I couldn’t see the snow I had no idea would bring the snow to me!"

9. This 6 foot fella

10. This proud puppa and his new friend

(Feature Credit: @Shmoomusic / @ProfCaryCooper / Twitter)

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