Number Of Hours Worked By British People Compared To Other Countries Revealed

Could be worse...


A new study has found that British people work just 22 hours per week on average compared with the 26.1 hours worked by those in the United States.

Our American friends came out on top in the study conducted by economists Alexander Bick of Arizona State University, Bettina Bruggemann of McMaster University in Ontario, and Nicola Fuchs-Schundeln of Goethe University Frankfurt. 


A list of selected countries reads as follows:

Italy – 18.4 hours

France – 19.3 hours

Germany – 20.2 hours

Spain – 21.2 hours

United Kingdom – 22 hours

Ireland – 22.2 hours

Portugal – 22.7 hours

Switzerland – 25.1 hours

United States – 26.1 hours

So next time you complain about how busy you are spare a thought for those in Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland and the United States.

More information on the study can be found here

Now get back to work. 


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