More Women Working In North West Than Ever Before

But general unemployment is up...


The number of women in work in the north west has grown to near record number according to the Office for National Statistics. 

In the past year, the number of females employed in the region has risen by 54,000 to a near record 1.61 million.

Helen Tomlinson, the National Operations Director for employment, skills and rehabilitation had this to say about the figures:

“It is refreshing to see that the numbers of women in work are rising here in the North West. Historically it is often women who have taken time out of work to care for others or start a family who have found it difficult to get into work. However we are seeing a real sea change as employers across the board are becoming much more open to flexible working and job shares.

Despite the good news about women in the workplace, the number of people unemployed in the region continues to rise.  In the quarter to September, the number of unemployed stood at 187,000, which is a rise of 15,000.

Helen finds this statistic worrying as she explains:

“Whilst this is great, it is alarming that there is still a continued rise in the overall unemployment in the UK. We are seeing that in particular it is the longer-term unemployed with complex needs, that are struggling to find work, but our initiatives such as job fairs, motivational interviewing, bespoke job searching and community interest programmes are really making a difference."

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