Met Office Expert Speaks Out About Scary -10 Degree Weather That's Been Feared For UK

The UK is to be gripped by an 'Arctic chill'


The Met Office has announced that the UK would see temperatures drop as low as -10.5 degrees this week, so it's no wonder people have been freaking out and storing up their cupboards like it's an impending apocalypse.

Parts of the country will continue to be gripped by sub-zero climes as a "blanket of Polar air" surges across the UK.

Met Office experts have told us to expect bitterly frozen nights and chilly mornings as a bone-chilling -10.5C was recorded on Wednesday evening in parts of Scotland - the coldest ever this winter.

Being more influenced by continental weather, unfortunately for us, the UK has strong chance of overnight frost and fog for the remainder of the weekend.

The good news?

The air will be dry so risks of icy spots on the roads and pavements is minimised. Light rain is also to be expected but there is little risk of snow as it stands.

Careful when driving and planning your routes - and more as we get it.

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