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Meghan Markle Greeted By Racist Jewellery At Queen’s Christmas Do

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Having to travel to your nan-in-law’s house for a whole day of christmas-related activities with strange distant relatives must be nerve-wracking enough. Nevermind if your nan-in-law’s house is actually a palace and the family are all royalty.

Worse still, when you’re the first and only biracial person ever to attend such an event and some distant relative decides to rock up in a overtly racist piece of jewellery.

Well, that’s exactly what our poor Meg’s had to deal with when she attended the Queen’s annual christmas lunch on Wednesday afternoon. Princess Michael of Kent turned up in this monstrosity:

This kind of jewellery has a long history which you can read about here. But, to simplify, this kind of figure depicts a black slave and glamorises the historical oppression of black people.

Now, maybe the Princess didn’t mean it. But is such a gaudy piece of jewellery so necessary? It’s not something one wears everyday without thinking. 

And could she have not at least thought twice about wearing it so brazenly on her front, when she was fully aware she would be meeting the first member of the royal family who has black heritage that very day? Too much of a coincidence, me thinks.

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