McDonald's Have Officially Confirmed Their Famous Monopoly Start Date

We've been waiting forever for this

Mcdonalds 8

It's that time of year we've all been waiting for! Spring has (almost) sprung and our favourite fast food games return!

Mcdonald's monopoly works just like the regular version, except you'll have to work your way through their scrummy qualifying food before you 'win' any stickers hidden within the famous packaging.

While only certain food items get you stickers, some items from the menu award you with two - and instant wins like free fries or a free mcflurry get us pretty addicted to the rat race...

By collecting property stickers to complete sets you're also in with the chance of winning bigger prizes and actual cash - so be sure to grab a board in-store if you're keen to have a go.

When does it start?

20th March '19 marks the date this year according to Hot Deals UK but it's yet to be announced what major prizes will be available (we're holding out for the Mini Cooper and a trip to the Maldives though...)

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