You Can Now Hunt A Ghost At Manchester's Palace Theatre

Featuring seances and ouija boards


(Feature Credit: James Chadderton)

Ever wanted to hunt down ghosts or spirits? But not sure how, or even where?

Hosted by the Manchester Paranormal City Events team, The Palace Theatre is offering the chance for you and your friends to join in on a hunt including glass moving, séances, experiments and Ouija boards.

Tickets cost £49, and although that seems like a hefty price tag, it really isn't much considered.

The event begins at 6pm with a tasty two course meal and a drink in the theatre's own lavish Oxford St Bistro. 

You can check out the menu here.

Then comes a night-time guided tour through the theatre, a landmark building with 126 years of mysterious history behind it.

You'll be taught all about the secret history of the building, and rumours and stories will fog your imagination as you walk amongst the creaking halls and dimly lit passages.

You can find out more and book here.

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