Watch Street Artists Battle It Out LIVE In Manchester Tonight

Street Art

The live competitive street art event is taking place tonight at London Road Fire Station.

What is it?

10 street artists. One room. A rowdy audience of 500. They’ll have just half an hour to battle it out to prove their worth as Manchester’s top street artist.

 Artists include Prince, Mr Marcus Salmon, Craig Measures and Diana Terry but we're set to be in for some last minute surprises!

Starting at 7pm it’s a three hour long affair with a minimum entry age of 18 - and what’s more - the audience decide the winner - and there can be only one.

 Sneak peak

 This is the fire engine that 2 of tonight’s artists will be painting:


The Manchester Art Battle is the 8th of it’s kind - set to be a brilliantly energetic and unpredictable gig - Lovin Manchester will be there to document it all amidst a grungy cellar backdrop - so look out for tonight’s updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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