Thunderstorms Across UK Are Now A National Hazard

Thor has arrived - and he's set his sights on us.


Just what on EARTH is happening in England?

First Manchester gets hit by major flash flooding and transport disruptions in the city centre on Tuesday evening...

Wow!!! Look at @HarveyNichols #flood #Manchester #storm #manchesterstorm

Now Thor has turned his gaze to the South - with areas of central London, Bournemouth and Dorset receiving a true whipping from the thunder and lightning gods as well. Last night saw mass hysteria and panic as predicted flashfloods and torrential downpour swerved Manchester and hit the South right where it hurts. 

It looks like the worst is over for Manchester and London - but a landslide caused by flooding in the South has now meant that London-bound trains have been cancelled at Manchester Piccadilly.

Euston-bound passengers can expect further delays today and tomorrow.

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