This Sign In The Northern Quarter Is The Best Job Advert Ever

Know anyone job-hunting?


There's no doubt that the Northern Quarter's Chapter One bookshop-come-cafe (which is brilliant hybrid of eatery, library and garden centre all rolled into one) is the height of Manchester hipster.

But their recent job ad - spotted this morning in the main window - makes us think they may have just peaked.

Chapter One

They're on the hunt for a barista - but not just any old cup o' joe making Tom, Dick, or Harry - the chosen one must be highly practiced in the well-regarded form of 'latte art.'


It's been a trend that has swept the city over recent months, with key spots like Federal, Foundation and Ezra & Gil all jumping on the bandwagon - so it comes as no surprise that the skill is highly sought-after in the industry.

Know any coffee Van-Gogh's knocking around the area?

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