This Oasis Exhibition Will Be The Best Thing You Can Visit In Manchester This Weekend

Starting on Friday...


Still coming up with your weekend Masterplan?

Look no further. The Old Granada Studios are set to play host to an Oasis exhibition known as 'Chasing The Sun' which kicks off on Friday. 

The showcase has already been a success down in London and now us Mancunians can get a look at a display which documents our kids' meteoric rise from their humble roots in Burnage to international fame. 

There will be rare and iconic photographs, artifacts and memorabilia from the early years of Oasis, namely 1993-1997.

Chief among the attractions is set to be a life size replica of guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs’ West Didsbury living room, where the iconic image was shot for the band's 1994 album Definitely Maybe. 

Fans will be able to recreate the cover, as seen below: 


The exhibition is open from 12 noon to 7pm (6pm on Sundays) and runs from this Friday October 14th to Tuesday October 25th. 

Get in early to avoid looking back in anger. 

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