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This Neverending British Pub Crawl Is Here To Answer To All Of Our Wildest Dreams

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Fancy visiting each of the 24, 727 pubs in the UK?

We thought so…

Some kind-hearted Canadian mathematicians have been putting their skills to good use and have worked out the shortest route to visit every single pub in the whole of the UK.

And it is stunning.

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They’ve even broken it down by city for us – because zoomed out the whole thing looks more complicated than an Einstein-level algebraic equation, and it’s too late on a Friday to cope with that sort of thing.

The route is entirely circular, so by continuing onwards from any chosen beer spot, you’ll eventually get back to where you started, 28,000 miles and three years later.

According to Time Out, that’s 23 pubs a day, every day, for the entire journey.

We better get started…

Thank you, please!

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