This Hot Sauce Tasting Competition is Where You Need To Be Tonight

Who can handle this?


Reckon you can handle this? 

The Wonder Inn in Shudehill are hosting a hot sauce tasting competition and it's not for the the faint of tongue.

It takes place this Friday and costs £5 per table. But what does that get you? Entry fee entitles each team to a massive bowl of tortilla chips and salsas, along with 10 hot sauces to rate in order of heat, 1 being the weakest and 10 being the most INSANELY hot.


First prize on the night is a full collection of  of hot sauces from Los Antojitos worth £30. Finishing second wouldn't be bad either with the top three hottest sauces plus collection of salsas worth £20 while third guarantees you the hottest sauce and collection of salsas worth £10. 


Registration takes place from 5pm until 7.30 and more information can be found here.

No all you have to do is gather your most willing mates, hold each other tight and get scoffing.

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