This Airline Is Giving Away 20,000 Free Flights This Week

Here's how you can claim them...


One for the geography masterminds out there. 

Budget airline are giving away 20,000 free flights this week and all you have to do is successfully take part in a holiday destination quiz. 

'Name That Destination' runs all this week starting Monday November 7th and finishing on Friday November 11th. 

During that time, the airline promises to give away a flight every 15 seconds. 

All participants have have to do is view ten images of and Jet2holidays destinations and correctly name all of them. 

So if you reckon you can spot popular holiday spots such as popular nightclub resort Ibiza... (below) 


Beautiful French Riviera resort Nice...


Or the cultural stew that is Newcastle-Upon-Tyne... 


Okay that's enough hints now. So, if you reckon you can spot the above destinations and more then give it a go. Or, if you still feel you need to get some practice in by visiting to brush up on your destination knowledge. 

Best of luck!

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