These Jaw-dropping Animal Cruelty Posters Are Leaving A Sour Taste In Manchester's Mouth

They're everywhere...

Go Vegan Poster

Spotted them?

If you're wondering where they're all coming from, Go Vegan World is (you guessed it) a pro-vegan public advertising campaign - and behind it all is Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, which was founded in Ireland in 2008 with the goal of realising animal liberation in a vegan world - it prides itself on being the first of its kind in Europe.

The mass Go Vegan World campaign - fast-growing in prevalence and popularity across the UK and in major cities including London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leicester and now Manchester - is undoubtedly made of powerful, thought-provoking stuff.

"I have seen the light go out of too many eyes"

While it may seem a somewhat shocking and extreme form of campaigning, Founder and Director of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Sandra Higgins, insists on their website that she hopes the means justify the ends, and that the only "unjust" action here is the global objectification of innocent animals:

"I have come to understand that they live for their own reasons, not ours. I witness how they treasure every day of their lives and I am heartbroken on their behalf that we take those lives from them before their natural end."

"I am appalled by the harm we inflict on them by our use of them. I am horrified by the hidden nature of this harm. Everyone needs to know about it. It is my hope that this campaign will bring public awareness to the truth of how they live and how they die."

Slogans including 'Humane Milk Is A Myth' and 'Defenceless And Innocent Yet We Eat Her' are leaving a sour taste in Manchester's mouth where meat is concerned. The public have rallied on social media to show their support and continued sacrifice of meat, or else intent to do so, as the campaign builds in momentum...

Some however, are not quite taking to the posters...

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