Lovin Manchester Is Looking For Journalists To Lead The Charge!

Could it be you?


Well, this is exciting.

After three massively successful years in Dublin and the launch of our new partner sites in Dubai and Malta, we've finally taken the next step in our journey.

Lovin Manchester

The Mancunian Lovin baby is alive and kicking.

But it's growing fast, so to keep up we're hiring experienced writers and freelancers to be contributors to our exciting new venture – and right now, we're on the hunt to find those people.

So what does it involve?

In short, you'll be brimming with ideas for content on the Lovin Manchester site – covering food, drink, lifestyle, culture, sport and whatever else tickles the fancy of our audience.

We're looking for the best and brightest talent in the city – writing kick-ass features which ensure we're the brand on the lips of everyone in the Greater Manchester area.


If you’re the ideal candidate, you’ll be much more than an excellent writer – you’ll be our person on the ground, and you'll need to:

  • Know Manchester inside-out – the city, the people, and what makes them tick;
  • Be brimming with ideas for content;
  • Adore good spelling and grammar, and have an eagle-eyed attention to detail.

Ideally, you’ll have two years’ experience working in online publishing, but this isn’t absolutely essential.

And finally, you’ll be a fun-loving, positive and ambitious individual who can lead things from the ground – and bring the Lovin brand to life in a whole new city with your writing.

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About the Lovin Group

Based in Dublin, the Lovin Group is one of the fastest-growing media companies in the world..

From its 2013 origins as a food blog, documenting the newest and coolest places to eat and drink in Dublin, we've grown to become a large and diverse publications group covering Ireland, Malta, the United Arab Emirates and – now the UK. 

Fancy it?

Nice one.

Then email amy@lovinmanchester.com, with your CV, examples of two pieces of recent writing and one paragraph about what you'll bring to the role that nobody else can.

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