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The ISPCA Has Issued Advice About How To Keep Pets Safe During The Cold Weather

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With temperatures expected to drop significantly as the week progresses, the ISPCA has issued some tips for pet owners on how to keep their animals safe during the harsh weather.

Storm Emma, which is coming in from Siberia, has been named ‘Beast from the East’ and is expected to cause temperatures to drop to -10 degrees over the coming days.

dog was found dead after being left outside in the cold weather on Monday morning, and now the ISPCA is urging pet owners to take extra care of their pets over the coming days.

It is advising dog owners to bring their dogs for shorter walks to avoid being in the cold for long periods, consider using a dog jacket to keep them warm, and to dry their skin and paws after being outside for a walk.

They are also advised to bring any dogs, that may usually stay outside, indoors during the cold spell.

Cat owners are also being urged to keep their cats indoors, to dry them when they come inside, and to provide a clean, dry outdoor shelter with bedding for them to use during the day if they are outdoor cats.

The ISPCA has also urged owners of horses, ponies and donkeys to provide a warm shelter for them during the storm, and to make sure their drinking water hasn’t frozen over. 

The full list of tips can be found here

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