The Hacienda Will Return To Manchester For One Night Only

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On November 12th - for one night only - Vue cinema is bringing the Hacienda back to the city... 

Vue in The Lowry is set to screen Hacienda Classical – The Classical Rave, a documentary spanning the iconic sounds from the club’s heyday into the more classical genre.

To celebrate the screening Vue is also encouraging visitors watching the documentary to dance and sing as they please! (with all due respect to any windows in the vicinity, of course) the experience is hoped to be celebrated as hugely interactive by recreating that atmosphere most will remember from their visits to the club - with this Big Screen Music Experience providing the setting.

The unique documentary is packed with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with all the Hacienda's key artists - following the first rehearsals plus the Bridgewater Hall and Castlefield Arena concerts.

Tim Crooks, musical director said:

"Manchester has amazing musicians, DJs, producers and orchestras but they rarely collaborate. It's rare that you get to do a project that celebrates this diversity."

Want to dance the night away?

A 24-hour booking line is now available on: 08712 240 240 or you can book online here.

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