The Amount Of Pints We Drank During The Manchester Food And Drink Festival Is Incredible

Will we beat it this year?


The 19th Annual Manchester Food and Drink Festival took place between September 29th and October 10th of last year and it appears we took full advantage of the plethora of foods and drinks available throughout the event. 

An astonishing 23,000 pints of beer were drank throughout the festivities which works out at approximately 1,917 a day or in layman's terms a massive hangover for the majority of people who partook.  


As well as that, 5,000 glasses of wine were necked, 3,000 hot dogs devoured, 12,000 churros chomped, 7,000 gin and tonics sipped and grand total of £3,000 raised for Action Against Hunger


You certainly are a generous and, evidently hungry and thirsty bunch, Manchester. 

Phil Jones, Festival Founding Director, commented:

“This year’s Festival was an astounding success – we are still collecting the economic impact data, but wanted to share our first set of stats straight away! The Festival Hub this year was a true representation of Manchester’s fantastic gastronomic offer and our wonderfully diverse population. 

It is an inclusive event enjoyed by a huge range of Greater Manchester’s communities and cultures. We are a world-class city built on diversity, talent and innovation and our food festival reflects that year on year. We’re busy planning the 20 th Anniversary Festival next year and will be back to announce the date soon!”

Kudos to all who took part. 

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