Survey Finds Houseproud Mancunians Put A LOT of Effort Into Decorating their Homes For Selfies

Are you one of these?


A survey has found that over one fifth of Mancunians have admitted to decorating their homes in the hopes of having the perfect background in their social media selfies. This figure grows to nearly half  when you consider just people under 24 years old –  otherwise known as the “selfie generation”. 

The research was conducted as part of International Wallpaper Week (yes, that's a thing) which runs from October 3rd to October 9th. 


Those polled even confessed to having a designated room in their homes set aside for taking photos and selfies for social media, with the living room proving most popular (43%) followed by the bedroom (14%) and kitchen (10%).

Alan Kemp, head of brand marketing at wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown, said: 

"Let’s be honest, who can say they’ve never scrolled through Facebook or Instagram and not stopped at photos of our friends’ houses for a good snoop?

Our research uncovered that Mancunians like to put their best foot, or room, forward on social media. People have always been house-proud, but the rise of social media has made us increasingly want to publicise our perfect interiors.”


So what kind of a selfie-taker are you? Do you have a special place in your home dedicated to posing or are you not bothered what others think of your pad? Let us know in the comments.

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