Study Finds A Ridiculously High Percentage Of People Feel It Necessary To Take Selfies While Driving

Who does this?


Stop the world, we wanna get off. 

A study conducted by a UK savings website found that an astonishing 27% of people admitted to taking selfies while driving.a car that is in motion. 

The team at quizzed 2,296 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they have held a full driving license for at least two years, about their habits behind the wheel. 

Among the data uncovered by the surveys were statistics such as:

- 36% of respondents read and send text messages while driving 

- 27% take selfies 

- 22% make and answer telephone calls 

- 17% take videos of themselves singing and dancing along to music 

- 15% take photographs of their surroundings 



George Charles, spokesperson for, explained the dangers of using a phone behind the wheel: 

“Young ones these days are rarely seen without a piece of technology in their hand or glued to their ear – so it’s not really a surprise that people even continue this whilst behind the wheel, as completely reckless and dangerous it is. 

If you receive a snapchat, simply wait until you’ve arrived at your destination in order to look at it and then respond – it’s not going to disappear, it will still be there 10 minutes, an hour or even a few hours later."

Perhaps even more astonishingly, when the same people were asked how they reacted when they were a passenger in a car whilst the driver was using their phone, 41% admitted it made them feel uneasy, 22% admitted they asked the driver to pay attention to the road instead of their phone, whilst the remaining 37% didn’t mind as they trusted the driver to still be focusing on the road.

So, basically people trust themselves to behave incredibly irresponsibly but not other people. 

Stay safe on those roads, folks... 


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