Starbucks "Monstrosity" In The Northern Quarter Has Transformed After Furious Backlash

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It's been called a "monstrosity" and alluded to as a full-on corporate invasion in an area which is touted as being immune to such things...

Mancunians lashed back at the giant Starbucks mural which last week took residence in the middle of the famously alternative city centre district - Manchester's Northern Quarter.

The so-called "corporate graffiti" covers the entire side of the Hare and Hounds pub and depicted a snowy wooded scene with the Starbucks logo easily recognisable from a distance.

A number of tweets were posted shortly after Starbucks coffee company's public announcement on social that "Manchester, something special has arrived." 

Angry residents demanded that the chain swiftly remove their corporate mitts from their cherished Northern Quarter and take down the new design.

Now the picture appears to have transformed into a - slightly more festive - winter forest:

Whether residents will feel any warmer towards it - or see the completion of the mural as the final nail in the coffin and a middle finger up to the area's individuality - is yet to be seen...

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