Soon You'll Be Able To Get From Manchester To London In 18 Minutes

The time is nigh


Manchester residents could soon be able to travel to the UK's capital in just 18 minutes if plans for a new high-speed rail system go ahead. 

The so called Hyperloop, or 'hover train'  is currently the diamond in the rough which North England transport bosses hope to hone, and, running at a speed of 760mph, we can't blame them for getting a little excited.

This is the planned route and estimated times between each given destination:


The futuristic system - brainchild of a US billionaire - consists of passenger pods travelling through vacuum tubes and would entirely redefine transport as we know it in this country. 

Similar plans are in place to link Manchester to Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield which would lead to each city being only a 10 minute journey away. 

Hyperloop One boss Alan James said that the plans could transform Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds into 'one city.'

The proposed route from the North West to Scotland is now estimated to take just 47 minutes. Whoa!

'Hyperloop One' (which if you ask us sounds like something they've plucked right out of Star Wars) would see pods of up to 28 passengers travel through tubes at fantastical speeds.

One of the US-firm's nine shortlisted locations is the Northern Arc, which aims to connect Liverpool and Manchester - in six minutes - with Leeds seven minutes later, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow, after 47 minutes.

Design firm Ryder Architecture are promoting the bid in the UK with engineering giant Arup alongside support from KPMG.

Really? Quick inter-city travel is all well and good but we'll keep our city just for ourselves thanks! 

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