"Son Of Concorde" Plane Will Fly From Manchester To New York In 3 Hours

Pop to the USA for lunch?

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NASA have just announced that their supersonic aircraft project that could transport passengers from Manchester to New York in under three hours has received funding and will be moving ahead.

The project has been dubbed "Son Of Concorde" after the original iconic supersonic jet which had to stop flying amid safety concerns. 

The plane which has been dubbed has the working title of QueSST aims to be in the air by 2021.

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A key part of the design is that it will cut out the sonic booms that plagued Concorde by ringing out over towns and cities where it flew. The new design will allow for much quieter flight...

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So in just a couple of years you'll be able to pop over to New York for some lunch and shopping and be home in time to have your tea back in Manchester. 

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