REVEALED: The Preferred Type Of Facial Hair For Mancunian Men

What do you think ladies?


When it comes to facial hair it looks like the rough and rugged look is still number one in Manchester. 

In a study conducted by laser hair removal firm Transform, 1,000 men were surveyed in order to gain an insight into the world of male grooming.


Coming out on top in our fair city (and Leeds) was the sexy stubble look with 36% of our men and 38% of blokes across the Pennines favouring the style.  


Here's the selected list of mpost popular beard types by region in the UK and Ireland:

Most popular beard types by region
• Leeds & Manchester – Stubble (36%, 38%)
• Liverpool – Long beard (13%)
• Bristol – Full Beard (20%)
• Birmingham – Stubble (29%)
• Dublin – Moustache (27%) 
• Belfast – Moustache (14%)
• Glasgow – Clean/ Close shaven (31%)


So what do ya reckon, lads? Is the Mancunian trend consistent with your own grooming habits? And ladies, what are your facial hair preferences? Let us know in the comments.

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