The Traders In Arndale Market Have Done Something So Sweet For The Homeless

A lovely gesture

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The traders at Manchester’s Arndale Market have linked up with homelessness charity Lifeshare, to gift a whole wealth of food and clothes to people in need on our city streets.

Boxes of items include warm fleeces and clothes for newborns, as well as more than 10 bags of leftover food from traders.

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Manchester City Council and members of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership often see an increased number of people in need of support during and just after the festive period and generous donations such as this are always of course so welcome at such a challenging time of year.

Julie Gimeno, assistant manager at Arndale Market, said:

“The original idea came from Steve one of our Environmental Operatives who works in the market who suggested we get involved with a food bank.

“After some research we teamed up with the charity Lifeshare who work in Manchester to help homeless people living in the city.

“We wouldn’t have been able to help without the support of our fantastic traders. More than ten came forward to help, and many of our staff brought food and clothing to donate.

“It was so encouraging to see the support for this initiative and it is something we plan on doing again next year."

Ellen Gallacher, from Lifeshare, said:

“We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of not just the public, but from groups like the Arndale Market traders. People giving us food and warm clothing is helpful but what is just as important is people donating their time to help those in need.

Councillor Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said:

“Homelessness is an issue Manchester City Council cannot tackle alone. We are fortunate to have network of organisations in the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, as well as individuals and traders who contribute to supporting people who are homeless.

“Our goal is to one day ensure no one has to rely on donations to stave off hunger and cold in Manchester.

“But, for anyone inspired by the generosity of these traders I would urge them to visit to see how you can help or make a donation.”

Jerk Shack, Wings, Biryani Hut, Bollywood Dhaba, Fusion Lab, Viet Shack, Smoothielicious, Strawberry Gardens, High Street Meat, Hansfords, Munich Pancakes and TShirts2Print were among those who participated.

Good on you, guys!

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