One Of McDonald's Favourite Menu Items Is No Longer Available

Let's pray this is temporary

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Ahhh maccies bacon and egg muffins. That comfort food gift from the gods and quite frankly the only reason to emerge from the pit before noon on a Sunday morning.

But turns out we could have been taking them for granted for all these years...

A 'nationwide' bacon shortage has been reported and it's already affecting some of the big chains including (*cue shock horror*) Maccy D's.

Yes - our hangover go-to bacon and egg mcmuffin might be off the menu in Manchester for an undisclosed amount of time as the fast food giant is hit by the meat shortage.

Devon, Essex and Greater Manchester are a few of the areas which have been devastated so far, as customers step forth to express their rage on that most peaceable of all social platforms - Twitter.

The fast food king have confirmed that there is an "issue with the supply of our bacon, meaning some breakfast items may be temporarily unavailable in some restaurants. We’re working closely with our suppliers to sort this as soon as possible."

Naturally, mass panic has ensued nationwide...

Hang in there people, not long til the lunchtime changeover now.

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