Nutella Is Being Banned From Stores Over Claims It Causes Cancer


Nutella Manc

Maker of the famous hazelnut spread Ferrero has been in the firing line over claims that the palm oil being used in its favourite chocolate-hazelnut toast-topper can cause cancer.


Co-ops in Italy are among those stores which have decided to oust the product completely by way of reaction.

The European Food Standards Authority warned back in May that a contaminant in the oil (which supposedly gives the spread its characteristic smoothness) is carcinogenic and consumption on any level is not safe, that's according to The Independent who report Nutella has now hit back at the negative health claims.

According to an exchange with Reuters, Ferrero's purchasing manager insist that making the product without the oil in question would produce an "inferior substitute for the real product, it would be a step backward."

Only time will tell if the ban will ever hit the UK.

Philadelphia, anyone?

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