Number Of Smokers In England Has Just Hit Record Low

As Stoptober's arrives in Manchester to give ciggies the big butt

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The number of smokers in England is now at the lowest level since records began!

Just shy of 17% of the population currently smoke, that's based on stats released by Public Health England earlier today.

Turns out one-fifth of the 2.5 million smokers who attempted to quit were successful last year, and in England there are double the number of EX-smokers compared to current smokers (now at 7.2 million.)

The news comes as Manchester gets set to launch its annual Stoptober campaign - and this year it is focusing its efforts online on social media and getting the facts out there to the people - on the streets of the city!

"I don't like big butts and you can see why"

Manchester City Council have also been quick to jump in on the initiative - in lieu of their #talktrashmcr clean-up-the-streets-of-Manchester drive. The council say that takeaway food packaging, cigarette butts and chewing gum are the most prevalent types of rubbish clogging up our streets, and fully back Manchester's upcoming Stoptober.

Want to get involved? You can get environmentally savvy @ManCityCouncil or give the butts the brush off and watch out for upcoming #Stoptober upcoming events in the city @Stoptober.

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