New 'Sleep Lab' Is Coming To Manchester Arndale

Fancy catching some zzz's mid-shop?


You either love it or hate it, shopping's one of those hobby-leisures that divides the masses. 

The crowds, the bright lights, the feeling of inferiority when you pass a blown-up, unnaturally white-toothed Calvin Klein or Victoria Secret model (Colgate sure isn't performing as well for me.) Personally I'm more in the thumbs-down category.

Turns out, if you've had enough retail therapy and your over-caffeinated brain can't face another Costa while you wait for your entourage, there's soon to be a slightly more relaxing option...

As part of the Manchester Science Festival 2016, The Chronarium is coming to Manchester - setting up a 'sleep lab' in the middle of the Arndale. And it's being touted as the ultimate antidote to hectic non-stop city life.

What Is It?

On entering the lab (which is going to be a pretty spectacular dome and made entirely of recycled SILK!) visitors can lie down, rest up and kick their feet up amidst a load of hanging swings and hammocks - which you can loll in whilst taking part in The Chronarium's 'audio-visual experience.' This (apparently) resets your inner 'circadian' rhythms for an improved and harmonious sleep. Sounds like some hippie zen shit to me. But it's got us intrigued...

Not convinced?

Why not sleep on it...entry is FREE but be sure to make a booking at the venue's reception desk.

Cat-nappers will be welcome from 20th-30th October inclusive and opening hours are Monday-Friday: 11am-8pm , Saturday: 11am-7pm  and Sunday: 11.30am-5.30pm.

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