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There’s Another Oasis Exhibition In Town And It Looks Amazing

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If you’re anything like this writer and missed out on the last Oasis exhibition to come to this city (thanks for the invite btw, Lovin Manchester colleagues, not.) then now’s the time to stop crying your heart out. 

Oasis DNA has arrived at Manchester Central Library and offers something completely different. It’s being put together by Jill Furmanovsky, who charted the band’s meteoric rise to superstardom back in 90s right up until their contentious split in 2009.

The collection features Jill’s personally selected favourite photographs from her archives including never before seen portraits of the Gallagher brothers as well as images that went on to become iconic and synonymous with the band’s journey. 


Furmanovsky was born in 1953 in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and moved to London with her parents at the age of 11. After only two weeks of post-university training in photography, she had a lucky break when she was offered the unpaid job of official photographer at London’s premier rock venue, The Rainbow Theatre in 1972.

Things fell into place and she spent the next 40 years capturing musical icons such as Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Blondie, The Police, Led Zeppelin, The Pretenders, Bob Dylan, and, of course, Oasis.

Speaking about the free exhibition,which runs form today (November 2nd) until the end of January 2017, Jill said: 

“Central Library has a fantastic exhibition space and it’s great to be able to use part of the library as a gallery. Really, these images are just the tip of the iceberg, so I’m fortunate to have so much room to work with for this exhibition.

Jill enjoyed a warm working relationship with the moody Gallagher brothers and feels that her photographic style appealed to the lads:

Noel and Liam were OK with being photographed, but they had short attention spans. 

They didn’t want to hang around for hours, which suited me as a photo-journalist. I work quickly. Maybe that’s why they liked me. 

I look at some of the photos now and remember what moods they were really in – but somehow, I usually managed to persuade them to pose for me.”

Jill dedicates the exhibition to Peggy, Noel and Liam’s mum, “because she was such a source of strength for the band. That’s why it’s called ‘Oasis DNA’.”


It all sounds amazing and you’ve got roughly three months to get down to the library and catch the exhibition so there’s no excuse for missing out.

It’d be a shame to be left looking back in anger again. No? Whatever. 

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