Manchester's New Dog Cafe Is Looking For Volunteers

WARNING: Position comes with dangerous levels of CUTE


Manchester's first dog café is nearly open - and it needs you! 

Central Bark, the brainchild of husband and wife team Tony and Tania Golden, will be based in Roundthorn industrial estate by Wythenshawe hospital, and will feature four dog play areas which can house up to 70 dogs.

A great way for pooch enthusiasts to enjoy some canine company while sampling some hot food and drinks.

Tony and Tania are aiming for the café to be open by January 2017, but first they need your help. 

They're looking for DIY fiends to help set up the place by getting involved in a very worthy project. 


Tony has advertised the voluntary position on jobs website Indeed by saying:

Do you enjoy DIY work? Maybe you’re retired or just have plenty of free time. Either way we’ve got a great project for you to get involved in. We’re Manchester Dog Care and we are opening a new location and we are looking for as much help as possible to make it the best dog care complex in Manchester. We’ve already got 2 retirees that have found great pleasure in helping us. They get to have fun with their hobby and passion as well as seeing the project come together piece by piece. It is great if you are experienced but even if you aren’t we have plenty of things to be done that can cater to all abilities. If you are interested please give us a call on 07590108861. Any questions you may have we can answer for you. We are looking for people to start as soon as possible as there is plenty of work to be done. We appreciate anyone that wants to help.

Sounds like a very productive and generous way to spend some spare time in the lead up to Christmas. Do you know anyone who'd like to get involved? Tag them in the comments.

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