Manchester Set To Rival London For 'Best City' As Super-Rich Flock

Rivalry between the two great cities heats up as Manchester witnesses a staggering increase of business and tourism from the Middle East.

Manc Super Rich

Manchester Airport now say that there has been a monumnetal increase in the number of passengers flying in from the Middle East. In fact, big bosses in the tourism industry not only validate the claim - but add that visitors (both business-centric and tourists) are worth over £18 million to Manchester's economy!

Manchester is now set to rival London for best city to offer that complete 'British experience' when being marketed to those visiting, especially from overseas.

In fact, the city's getting such a taste of the high life that one Manchester hotel revealed that a family of seven fresh from the Middle East insisted on paying for an extra room - purely to store their designer clothing and extravagant jewellery.

What has society come to? Soon our toothbrushes might start malfunctioning should we not offer them a pillow.

To add fuel to the fire - there are claims that London is losing its touch, with some holidaymakers and those on business trips opting for Manchester and Edinburgh - another strong contender for Best City - instead of England's capital.

Only time will tell who has the true power to rule them all and deserves the name of Greatest British City.

Cue dramatic Lord of the Rings music.

Back Story

It seems Manchester growth to fame and fortune has been sneaking up for a while too, and there have been various hints that this city is set to be big.

Chinese construction company Beijing Engineering Group have long since confirmed their part in the great Manchester Airport City development, a joint venture with the Greater Manchester Pension Fund and UK construction firm Carillion, which aims to create up to 16,000 jobs!

Over the next 10 years, Manchester will witness series-upon-series of office blocks, logistics hubs, hotels and warehouses filled by global companies lured to the region for its aforementioned glory.

Development manager for the exciting project is no other than Argent - the brains behind the One St Peter's Square scheme and the revamp of London's Kings Cross station.

Announced by George Osbourne, the decision marked the Far East launch of the Manchester-China Forum, which aims to boost trade links between the two locations.

And with the recent development, it doesn't look set to slow down...

Looks like Manchester rivalry just got a whole lot more complicated than Man. City v United. Watch this space.

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